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Domain and File Transfer Complete!

I’ve completed the move of this blog from a test location to it’s permanant home on this server. I’ve also gotten the domain taken care of and it’s resolving correctly. I’m still in the process of tidying up some loose ends and fixing some links that still point to the old server, but other then [...]

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Burial-Grounds Tribute Page

This page is dedicated to the website and community, and the custom Quake 3 maps and other projects that were created as a direct result of their existence. I started Burial-Grounds due to my love of the game Quake 3, the community that developed from its creation, and the interest I had in running [...]

My Massive Avatar Collection

I’ve been collecting user avatars for a few years. I mainly download or create them to add to my Quake 3 fan-site, It started with me creating avatars from the screenshots that Quake 3 model developers would include with the custom models they created. After I had about 100 or so avatars, I started [...]