dms.Blog is the new homepage/blog for me, Jay “dmschaos” Dupont. I’ve been creating and running various websites since 1999, however I never really had a personal “blog” type homepage to just discuss life and the events that occur within it. Well, now I do.

I don’t plan on putting a lot of personal information on this page. I will however give a basic rundown for those who may visit and do not know me personally. I was born Dec. 25th, 1975 (making me 32 at the time of this writing) and I’m currently living in Derry, NH. I’m married with two kids, a dog and a cat and a white picket fence and the whole American dream thing…yah. OK, so I don’t have the white picket fence, but the rest is all true. Prior to being a licensed electrician with the state of New Hampshire, I worked as a system administrator for a medium sized company before had a big lay-off and moved to Arizona. Other then working on websites, playing various types of games, and being involved in my sons many athletics, I’m not really in to many hobbies. Well, that’s about as personal as I’m willing to be at point.

As mentioned above, I’ve been working on various web related content since 1999. My fascination with creating websites and communities began with my love for gaming. I had tinkered with various web development projects early in 1996 through 1999, but none of them were entirely realized. That is until I created my first real web community, the burial-grounds.

Burial-Grounds.com’s life started with my love for the game Quake 3 (an id Software game). I had been running a few servers for the game, as well as starting a Quake 3 clan with a few friends. We were initially part of a community at q3arena.net where I was posting daily updates on the status of my Q3 server and the various maps and other custom content I was adding to it. It wasn’t until the q3arena.net website began to falter that I began work on the burial-grounds website.

Once the first pages and forum were in place, a large portion of the q3arena.net community moved over to the new burialgrounds website. The website grew and expanded over the years, both in content and in the size of the community. We had a small staff contributing to the growth of the site, with news, file and server updates as well as interviews with various community members and reviews of custom quake 3 content. Some great accomplishments were realized as a result of the ever expanding and dedicated community at burial-grounds. Two of the biggest projects were custom Quake 3 map paks that resulted in 10 great maps, tons of press for both the burialgrounds website as well as the map authors involved.

I’ve worked on other various projects, including beta testing and feature input for the SCTA Quake 3 mod (developed the newspro back end for their website as well), beta testing for the Quake 3 mod Beryllium, beta testing for the Quake 3 mod Q3F (Quake 3 Fortress). As noted above, I worked with the Burial-Grounds mapping community to develop the Burial-Grounds Map Paks 1 & 2 (System Failure and Viralis), and also managed to design two of my own Quake 3 maps, Lava Tomb – High Octane and Psychophobia. I was interviewed by Pappy-R at Planetquake about the progress of the Viralis map pak, which you can read here. You can click the links of the map paks and my own map names to see reviews of them at the great custom map review site LvL.

Other then the projects listed above, I’ve worked on some smaller websites for various topics that struck my interest. Those include a fan page for my favorite sports team, The New England Patriots. AFC-East.com was a short lived project, as I started it on a whim and never really followed through with it. I’ve since given up the domain name, and it’s probably owned by some spammer now. Project Offset is a game I was very much interested in and started a small fan site for. However, the community was never really there and the game development seems to have fallen off the face of the planet. I dropped the project before I even bought a domain for it.

The latest projects I’m currently working on includes a website for the company I currently work for. Maverick-Electric.net is running on the e107 backend, using a custom template generated by a community member. I’ve altered it slightly to suit the needs of the project, and quite a few custom modules are installed to complete the project. I’ve also started work on a community page for my entire family to share photos, post important dates, play games and just chit-chat. It’s not fully realized yet, so I wont be posting links as of yet. Another unfinished project is a business page for my fathers roofing company, Roof Rescue. It’s still in development, however I’ll post the link to hopefully get me more motivated to finish it for him. And lastly I was involved in the beta test one of the best FPS (first person shooter) games to come out since Quake 3, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Until recently, I was very much involved in the Quake Wars community, and even had the burial-grounds.com website redesigned (with tons of help by NECROSIS of digital-assault) to reflect the change in direction for the site. However, with the lack of real free time, motivation and, dedication, updates to the site have been few and far between. In fact they have been pretty much non-existent for well over a month now. Who knows where we go from here…

So, in conclusion…I’ve been fairly active in the gaming and web development community since 1999, my most productive project being the Burial-Grounds.com community, and my proudest accomplishment is it’s success and the great projects that were produced as a direct result of that success. I have ample experience in various web development tools and languages, although I’m far from a master of any. I love beta testing various games and being involved in those development processes. I enjoy creating web sites and building communities, although I tend to lose interest in many if they do not succeed in what I consider a reasonable amount of time. I hope this latest project succeeds, even if it’s only in my own mind.

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