My Massive Avatar Collection Expands

My massive avatar collection expanded today, with an upload of approximately 2,500 new avatars. Nearly all of the 3,300 + avatars relate to gaming, games, sci-fi, fantasy, or anime. There are quite a few new game related avatars, including World of Warcraft, Killzone 2, Conan, Lord of the Rings, and many, many more. I’m not quite sure what my obsession with downloading and collecting massive amounts of avatars means, but hopefully someone finds them useful.

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My Massive Avatar Collection

I’ve been collecting user avatars for a few years. I mainly download or create them to add to my Quake 3 fan-site, It started with me creating avatars from the screenshots that Quake 3 model developers would include with the custom models they created. After I had about 100 or so avatars, I started [...]