..::LvL Update

I just noticed ..::LvL posted 5 new Quake 3 map reviews the other day. Included in the update is a small 1v1 map, a Doom 2 map remake, two CTF maps and a “box map” named Rockets Please! The top reviewed map though is JUL32 by seasoned Quake 3 map author Julek. JUL32 is a “fast and furious” tournament map with “nowhere to hide”.

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Do You QuakeFu?

A lot of people have been asking for this, today I finally had the time to put it together. Here is Quake Fu by Felonious productions in all of it’s glory. Simply the best user created Quake 3 movie ever produced.

Sure, I have somewhat of a bias, but there is absolutely no denying the production value here. Felonious and the Burial-Grounds.com community he loved lives on forever in this epic production.

Video follows after the jump. Enjoy!

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The Burial-Grounds Game Servers

I’ve put up two game servers on my new Verizon 15Mbps home connection. I’ll try to keep this post up to date with any and all information relating to those servers, including any custom content that may be required to play on the servers. The most up to date information will likely be in the [...]