..::LvL Update

I just noticed ..::LvL posted 5 new Quake 3 map reviews the other day. Included in the update is a small 1v1 map, a Doom 2 map remake, two CTF maps and a “box map” named Rockets Please! The top reviewed map though is JUL32 by seasoned Quake 3 map author Julek. JUL32 is a “fast and furious” tournament map with “nowhere to hide”.

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GTA IV Reviews Compiled

Since everyone and their brother, sister, and mother will be reviewing this game, I figured it would be nice to compile a list of the reviews in one post, instead of a single post for each. I may still make note of specific reviews in other posts, however all reviews will still be listed here.
GTA [...]

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GTA4 IGN Video Review

A video review of Grand Theft Auto 4 by IGN.com. This is the first review score of 10 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 given out by IGN. That will certainly raise some interest, as if it wasn’t there already!

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